Alec Connor Edwards is the main character of the story the week before. He is a 16 year old gang leader in a small town in Delaware named Jonhson Ville. Although he is only 16 he is one of the most well known people in town. The story is told threw his point of view. Alec was born August 3rd 1947 in the Johnson Ville Hospital to mother Marie Goodwill father Kyle Edwards , with one older brother at the time Julian Ray Edwards


Alec Connor Edwards Is in short a horn dog. Like most hormonal teenage boys who can't get his mind out of the gutter or his eyes off some nice boobs. Of course this has never really caused him problems because most guys in town are scared to fight him, so if he touches there girl they normally don't do anything.

Alec Is a very cocky boy, he thinks a lot of himself, how good looking he is, how strong he is, how much better he is at everything then everyone else. Of course he can back a few of these things up. It is stated that he is very attractive, and by the way some, or most people are scared of him it shows that he is either extremely strong, or that he just has a good rep. The whole being better at everything is mostly a lie is just Alec being cocky, although he is pretty good and getting drunk and passing out, or taking to many pills at once.

Just because he's a cocky know it all tough guy does not mean that Alec does not have a soft side. He shows this mostly for Alexis, or towards her little brother Taylor When he is getting picked on or bullied (which is a frequent happening). It is also shown when Ryan is getting turned down by girls and laughed at. Some think Alec just sticks up for him because it would create a better image for his gang if his members weren't getting turned down by girls.The real reason of course was because Alec And Ryan had known each other since they were small children, so it's only normal for Alec to do what he can for his child hood friend. Alec Is a very loyal boy.


Alec's height is put at some where around 5'7 or 5'8 while he ways about 120 pounds. He is very lanky but still has muscle. He is quite in shape. Not because he goes to the gym, or trains. Infact Johnson Ville lacks a gym. But Because he normally has to walk every where in town, one because he lacks a car and two because Cole lacks the money to put gas in his car. Johnson ville may not be all that big, but from walking to his gang's shack, Jack's Bar, school, stores, or just beating people up, it's a fairly good work out.

He has short Black hair (well a tint of black as he puts it) with gray green eyes and naturally tanned skin. Most people in his family have either brown hair, or black hair and Alec Is no exception to that. While most people in his family have blue or brown eyes Alec Is one of the select few in his family with green eyes, in fact his eyes are more of a greenish gray. Like his Mother he has naturally taned skin, although his is tanned much more from his mother, weather because he was born that way or his naturally taned skin just got more of a tan.

Alec has a clothing style like most of the kid on the South Side of town. He normally wears old ripped dirty jeans, in fact he only has one or two pairs jeans. He wears old stained muscle shirts and dirty T-Shirts, and normally a leather jacket, or something. The tones in his wardrobe are normally gray scale, but he has some red shirts and blue shirts, and he has some nice cloth his uncle bought for him, for dates or dances. Even though Alec has never worn them once, he thinks that they make him look like a square (even if they are kind of flattering)



Alec Edwards biggest weakness would have to be his hands. In the beginning Alec did not know why his hands shook so violently. Later on Julian in formed Alec that when he was a child he failed a first grade English test. His mother, wanting to show him what would happen if he failed again put his hands on the burner on there stove. The scares healed, and Alec was in such shock that he compeletly forgot about it his mother and Father promised never to speak of it again, and told Julian never to tell his little brother again. This has been a large problem for gang leader Alec, because of his hands he can barely handle a blade properly and normally when he's in a gang fight his hands cause him to fumble when fighting, they also give people the impression he is scared and so many people make fun of him because of that. It's also a little less helpful with the ladies.


Another large problem Alec has is his ability to read, write, and do math. He is lacking all three skills. First of all, Alec can read, just not all that well, he doesn't know how to pronounce most words. His spelling is strongly lacking, first of all if you can even read his hand writing to be able to tell what it says, then you have to find out what that mangle of misspelled words says. Finally his math, Alec doesn't even care enough to try to get his math right, he just makes up a little joke when the teacher asks him a math question.